The brain child of Alex, Blackstrap Craft’s owner and distiller, was born out of his pure love for the Rum spirit. The concept was to develop a versatile spirit, which incorporates all that he loves about Rum, whilst showcasing the beautiful sugarcane fields on the east coast of South Africa, creating another ‘East Coast Original’.

Introducing GINSALA

The first product released by the distillery, GINSALA™; an East Coast inspired craft Gin, is the culmination of 18 months of recipe development. The concept for GINSALA™ was built around representing the bold flavours of the regions Indian Cuisine and by doing so, create a truly East Coast inspired product, an ‘East Coast Original’.

Produced from a based of locally sourced Blackstrap molasses, tripled distilled, with the third distillation incorporating a vapour infusion of Cassia Bark, blended with a ‘Rhum Agricole’ style spirit, fermented from the RAW juice of the sugarcane stalk, distilled and aged in American oak barrels.

A truly unique spirit, incorporating 2 styles of Rum with a vapour infusion and barrel ageing process, CASSIA could be classified as a hybrid Spiced Rum. Staying true to the Blackstrap Craft Distillery ethos, CASSIA is produced in single small batch quantities, with a focus on Quality over Quantity. Batch size range from 100 to 200 bottles per batch and every bottle is filled, corked, wax sealed, labeled and numbered by hand. 

Our CASSIA Rum, can be enjoyed over Ice or added to your favourite Mixer.

Alex’s favourite drink is a ‘Dark ’n Stormy’ and CASSIA makes a pretty mean one, even if we say so ourselves. 

No Sugar, colourant or essences added, our Rum is RAW.


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