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At Blackstrap Craft Distillery, we aim to produce unique, small batch spirits, with a focus on quality over quantity. Our approach is that of artisanal values, as each bottle, label & cork is handled with the same passion, care & meticulous attention to detail, as the next.



The first product released by the distillery, GINSALA™; an East Coast inspired craft Gin, is the culmination of 18 months of recipe development. The concept for GINSALA™ was built around representing the bold flavours of the regions Indian Cuisine and by doing so, create a truly East Coast inspired product, an ‘East Coast Original’.

Alchemy bar

The Alchemy bar is BlackStrap Craft Distillery’s brand home.
At Alchemy, we celebrate craft booze, and offer a wide variety of unique products. We are inspired by tradition and moved by innovation. Our commitment, work ethic and dedication to excellence are old fashioned. But our cocktails are not.


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GINSALA: Off The Rocks

With lime wedges & corianderYou'll need – Double shot GINSALA – 3 Lime wedges – 1 Lime wheel – Coriander – Ice How to... Squeeze the juice of two lime…

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