GINSALA: Sunset Martini

GINSALA: Sunset Martini

GINSALA: Sunset Martini 2046 1317 Black Strap Distillery

With grapefruit & Martini Bianco

You'll need

– Double shot GINSALA
– Martini Bianco
– 1 Shot Grapefruit Juice
– Grapefruit Peel
– Ice

How to...

Pour Martini Bianco in to shaker with ice – shake gently.

Pour out most of the Martini Bianco (for a dry Martini).

Add GINSALA & Grapefruit juice – shake vigorously.

Strain into chilled martini glass.

Heat the grapefruit peel, flame the oil over the drink, cut peel into thin strip, twist and garnish.

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