GINSALA: The Bitter Ginger

GINSALA: The Bitter Ginger

GINSALA: The Bitter Ginger 2046 1336 Black Strap Distillery

With ginger & Angustura Bitters

You'll need

– Double shot GINSALA
– Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic
– A few slices of fresh ginger
– 2 Lime wedges
– Angoustura Bitters
– Mint
– Ice

How to...

Pour Martini Bianco in to shaker with ice – shake gently.

Add ginger to cocktail glass & muddle.

Squeeze in the juice of the lime wedges & drop wedges into glass.

Gently slap mint between palms to activate flavour – add to glass.

Add ice followed by GINSALA.

Top with Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic & stir.

Finish with a few drops of bitters.

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